Saturday, October 23, 2010

Impress your girl friend

Best things women expect from men:

We may found difficult to impress a girl, even though we spent ages and ages to find out what exactly can impress a girl, we couldn’t be able to find out the exact things. Especially, youngsters who want to impress their girl friend will get insult and may lead to serious gap with their relationship. We may thing that being good is not depending on your physical structure but with your inner mind. If girls only like handsome boys, then It is never possible to have friend for most of us (Especially for me). I have this article on Times of India and I was thinking that this may help many guys like me. Here we go, I have given some tips to impress a girl or in other word some of most precious things which girls expect from the buys. 
First and foremost thing is trust, you should trust in all the way so that you can get the same without any doubt. Always look at her eyes and express your feeling doesn’t try to hide anything. Good talking with each other is the next most important thing to consider. In this busy world, we may not find time to sit and chat, but research found that many divorce case are due to misunderstanding of others. Spend time as much as possible to have chat with her. Always don’t expect anything from her, instead try to give what she wants; this is increase the bond of your relationship. Sex, you may thing as more important for good understand but It is not at all that much important than discussed factors. It is part of life; if you are having relationship just to make a sex then it will not last even for couple of months. Be smart, be precise, speak gently, trust her, try to impress her all the ways, be as a single heart two physical and life is full of enjoyment.

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