Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Rajinikanth next move

Rajini next movie after endhiran??

After massive hit of greatest movie in the history of Tamil cinema, Rajinikanth expected to go for next movie yet to be finalised. One of the biggest hit, Enthiran (Robot), has earned almost 117 Cr in its first week and it is expected to bring in the money which was spent for this movie in couple of week. Super star Rajini has done two major roles in this movie, one as a scientist and another as an Artificial Robot (real hero). Most expected movie has been released all over the world, and fans are rushing to the theatres to book tickets for next week. It has been noticed all tickets sold out within few minutes, and All theatre in Chennai (Tamil Nadu) have released this movie and house full of shows are running for last week. 
Fans are seriously expecting his next movie, even though there is no sign of contract made between great star and directors. Producers are waiting in a queue to invest as it gives astonishing profit. Ok fine let’s talk about ongoing hit, Enthiran. As mentioned before, Rajini has taken two roles. Just different from his previous movies where he normally becomes rich, this movie has used more technological issues. The main thing is that, it is made in and a way that even an uneducated people can easily understand the concept. The climax which makes all viewers to sit in the edge of all seats is unimaginable. As one of the great fan of super star Rajinikanth, I am expecting his next project as soon as possible.


  1. really i am very much impressed by seeing the meaning of dailouge in annamalai movie and Padayappa.

    valthuve empodhu kedokudahu ana kettuve epodu valla.this meaning of sentence always i will remeber when i am spending one one rupee also.

    great thanks anna.

  2. three epics of tamil cinema