Friday, January 21, 2011

mobile phone number portability in India

Change your mobile operator.

Indian mobile users have got an option to change their mobile network provider just for Rs 19. After so many years of expectation, the dream comes true to all of us. It is going to be no more difficult, just follow the simple steps to change the mobile operator. Prime minister of India launched this service on 19th January 2011. This service has been introduced in Haryana in November 2010. After massive success in this state, the facility will be introduced all around India. 
Telecom minister said that, this facility makes customer as a king for the telecom operator. If they are not satisfied with their current service provider, they can select the operator who gives best to them. This will cost as cheap as Rs 19 and the change of network will be done no more than seven working days. The following simple steps you need to follow to do the above said,

1. You have to send text PORT(SPACE)YOUR 10 DIGIT MOBILE NUMBER. The following example makes you understand this better. PORT 1234567890 and sent to 1900.

2. You will receive a text from 1901 which gives you unique code and the date.
3. You need to submit your ID proof, unique code and the date.

They will check whether you owe any money to the past service provider. If you don’t owe any money then you will be changed.

The following restrictions apply.  You have to stay with the new service provider at least for three months. Dear customers, lets enjoy the best technology gave us.